Cosplay Wednesday: Kaze~ as Tetsuya Kuroko

Another Wednesday and another cosplayer to feature! We have long time Lifted Geek follower Kaze as our pick this week! 

Your Name/Cosplay Name: Kaze~


Your Cosplay: Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basket
Photographer: Red Envelope Photos  





Tell us about this cosplay: This costume was purchased online on The costume is very well made but at the time when I bought it they only had it in male sizes so it isn't too proportional to my body but I do still enjoy wearing such a comfy costume. The Gakuren was a suit jacket that I altered and added the blue detailing. 

Why did you choose this cosplay: I chose to Cosplay Kuroko because I was drawn to his personality. Although mostly emotionless he stood out to me because even though he isn't  physically the strongest on his own he makes it clear that no one should look down on him for trusting his teammates valuing and teamwork. 
How long did it take to complete? Since I didn't make anything but alter the Gakuren it only took a day to complete.
What was the hardest part when constructing it? Nothing in particular 
What do you love most about this cosplay? I love how comfortable the costume is! And doing his makeup is always very fun, but time consuming. 

What's your next cosplay project?
I have too many haha 

Good job! Homie that's legit! Interested in submitted to Cosplay Wednesday? Click here to view submission details!