Cosplay in the City (that never sleeps)


written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin

New York Comic Con comes to a close and I get that all too familiar feeling, that feeling that comes when I have to take off my badge one last time and won’t wear it again. It’s the post con depression; it gets me after every fun convention I go to. Hanging out with friends, making new friends, and of course (one of my favorites) is checking out all the cosplay.

The costumes were exceptional, and this being the first New York Comic Con for myself (and this little outlet of ours) it was a very pleasing experience. Waves of talented costumers poured into the Javits Center in Manhattan, while boasting numbers almost equal to that of the big kahuna of it all… San Diego Comic Con… NYCC had a flavor of its own, but that will be explored when I pen the cover story… stay tuned. For now, check out 20 of my favorite photos from the con, and if you’d like to see more, please check out our Facebook page and go to the albums for all our NYCC photos, do you like us yet?

As I do with every cosplay centric article I post, I have to pick an absolute favorite from the con, Joker is a common costume at cons… whether it’s some derivative from the movies or comics, he’s as common as Batman. So what sets this guy apart from the rest? His sheer love of the character and how he never broke character when folks took his picture, the devious smile coupled with a sinister laugh, it was magical and the definition of cosplay… well done!

talk about "theatrics!"

talk about "theatrics!"

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