PUT A (SONG)BIRD ON IT! Cosplay Roundup Rose City Comic Con


written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin

It was my birthday this past weekend and I decided (well, decided a while back anyway) that we should cover Rose City Comic Con. One fact that I didn't know was that this was only their second year, I don't know what changed or if the affiliation with Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con is any indication of it, but based on what I heard about last year... boy what a difference a year makes. 

We were out in full BioShock  regalia, finally able to unveil my Booker DeWitt that I had to take apart/restitch, originally I was planning to unveil it at PAX Prime 2013, but I am actually pretty glad Riri and I unveiled this cosplay-combi together at this con, first off we were literally the only pair of Booker/Elizabeth we could find all day on the first day of the con, it felt really awesome having people come up to us and appreciate our costumes and the work we put into it.

Booker! Catch!

Booker! Catch!

Enough about us though, I wanted to share with you guys my top ten of the entire convention along with my top pick from the entire convention. In true be(COS) fashion, this top [insert number here] kinda changes from con to con... PAX PRIME's cosplay article required a top 20. Anyway, let's see who made my personal cut!

Also, this wouldn't be complete without my favorite, it has to be this 1960's era/Adam West Batman... what a way to bring on the nostalgia! This was amazing man!