top(COS): Rose City Comic Con 2014

top(COS): Rose City Comic Con 2014

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

This year's cosplay presence at Rose City Comic Con 2014 was even larger than last year's! In this short two day convention, we saw more families and groups cosplayed together, especially the little ones. 

Because of the amount of groupies there are, my top ten includes both groups and individuals. Check out my top ten pick from this convention!

10. Hoggle (The Labyrinth)

Seeing this cosplay was nostalgic; I grew up with this movie! 

9. The Incredibles

This is too cute - the whole family as The Incredibles! The kid in the front knows who's boss.

8. Lady Thor

Amazing details in the hammer and in her armor, especially adding the scuff marks and fading in the leather.  She cosplayed it well!

7. The Addam's Family

The ENTIRE ADDAM'S FAMILY! Including Thing (on Gomez's shoulder). I love that they had a Thing cosplayer! The light bulb in Uncle Fester's mouth was also illuminating...

6. Blink

We rarely see this Marvel character! I love it.

5. Futurama

This is so awesome, because 1) Leela's eye is totally legit and 2) those two kids are so cute and 3) that Fry nailed it.

4. Warrior Princess Wonder Woman

This was a beautiful cosplay of Wonder Woman! Gosh I love those boots too!

3. Kid Icarus

Those wings are FTW! 

2. Diablo 3 Wizard

This cosplay is pretty awesome. I don't play the game, but maybe I should now.

And my number one pick goes to...............................

1.) The Corpse Princess

This was a really fantastic cosplay, and I loved that she took the time to lay out the train for the photo. There were so many details from her dress to everything she held in her hand. CONGRATS FOR MAKING THE TOP COSPLAY PICK!

Did you guys have your own top picks? Share below!!

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