(top)COS: San Diego Comic Con 2014

(top)COS: San Diego Comic Con 2014

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

This year, several of us at Lifted Geek were able to attend SDCC together. Every year, more and more attendees are cosplaying, including the children! So many cosplays were absolutely fantastic! I especially loved seeing cosplays of characters that we don't see very often. Just because it is a comic convention, we don't just see comic character cosplays; we see cosplays from TV shows, cartoons, anime, movies, games, and everything else I'm forgetting.  

As some of you may not know, SDCC is the biggest comic convention in the U.S., with an attendance topping 130,000.  With that being said, there were so so so many cosplays every day that we just absolutely could not capture all of them!  The top 10 has been chosen below, and if you're interested in only seeing Lifted Geek's top pick of the convention, scroll all the way down!

The Family Guy: Meg Griffin
I've never seen a Meg cosplay! This made my day.

Marvel Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer

I attended the Marvel photoshoot gathering which was HUGE.  This Silver Surfer cosplayer was there and I just cannot believe how awesome he looked! The paint job is flawless too.

Marvel X-Men: Storm

Also found this Storm cosplayer at the Marvel photoshoot!

Marvel X-Men: Jubilee

Old school original Jubilee!! Those earrings are legit.

Wreck It Ralph: Vanellope von Schweetz + car!

The details in that car is fantastic... Can I eat it?!

The Simpson's: Super Hero Homer 

You'll never see this Super Hero Homer cosplay anywhere else....

The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo and Him

Where are Powerpuff Girls?  They need to save comic con from these guys!

1960's Batman: Robin, Batman, Batgirl

This year is Batman's 75 Anniversary; how else to celebrate than to cosplay from the original Batman TV series!

Star Wars: Chef Vadar

Just a hilarious cosplay of Chef Vadar with the head of Jar Jar Binks on a plate...

And now our LG top cosplay pick for SDCC 2014 is..........................................................







What a great pair! Details all the way down to the blood splatter on Drogo's chest, and I am diggin the dragon egg prop on Daenerys. 

Be sure to check out our Lifted Geek SDCC Gallery for all the other cosplays we took in HQ, as well as other cosplay galleries from past conventions HERE!

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