SPOTLIGHT: Seth Tate of Red Envelope Photos

SPOTLIGHT: Seth Tate of Red Envelope Photos

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

Welcome to be(COS)!! Rather than immediately showcasing a COSPLAYER for this segment, we wanted to direct the spotlight somewhere that is just as important to the cosplay culture yet rarely gets as much praise as that wicked awesome Batman we see at the cons. 

Meet Seth Tate of Red Envelope Photos. Fairly new to the cosplay game, he's a super talented artist with a great eye for detail! When I first saw his photos I thought to myself "DAMN GINA, this guy is good". I had the chance to interview him, and here goes! 

 So you are relatively new to cosplay photography, what spurred you on to start? It was actually a combination of 2 things, I liked anime and I love to take portraits of people. Cosplay photography is great in that cosplayers are always willing to be your subject. I had a hard time finding subjects to portrait until i got into Cosplay photography. I also like to take photo of fashion that is out of the ordinary, this gave me an avenue to practice my craft in.

nadya sonika as Cyclops.jpg

Have you ever tried cosplay before? Or do you prefer to be behind the camera? I prefer to be behind the camera, I started photography as an excuse to stay concealed and capture an event as it unfolds. Documentation photography was my first foray in photography as an art form beyond the typical snap shots most people take. Then I got into portraits and eventually Cosplay Photography.

Kathy lor as Kuroko.jpg

Most memorable con moment? And why? Seattle Sakura Con 2012, It was my first con that I bought the three day pass for and was so overwhelmed on Friday that I never returned on Saturday and Sunday. I was forewarned that I should start easy such as Aki Con. At that time I didn’t know anyone except a couple I met 2 months prior. The event made me feel out of place. Aki Con was the one that made me appreciate the subculture a little more, I observed that cosplayers are a happier bunch of people and willing to help each other out.

Jerry Polence White mage.jpg

What fandom are you currently digging at the moment? I was always a “moonie”, Sailor Moon was my first anime watching as a kid so that always had a special place for me and also Ah! my Goddess was always a feel good series. Right now High School of the dead, Demon King Daimao, Soul Eater and Desert Punk is holding my interest.

Young Justice- Haley Bart, Whitney Rae Henderson, Megan Dellario, Andrew Sharkman Taylor and Terrance Bouldin-Johnson..jpg

The definition of a LIFTED GEEK is to be the above average geek, to contribute to the subculture and uplift it in your own special way, how do you plan to accomplish that? One thing I noticed of Cosplayers is that, they generally are high school and college students doing what they love. That’s why I had the idea of “Red Envelope Photos” (hóngbāo in Mandarin). I accept donation (monetary or “gamer/anime swag”) and let them decide how much they want to give discreetly. If I set up a booth in a group gathering such as convention or anime groups, it’s always free and if I do accept donations the proceeds will go to the group who is holding the event. If they can’t donate I’ll still take their picture anyways. They are doing what they love; I am doing what I love. Everyone wins.

Megan Stern. Sailor Saturn.jpg
Before we end this, here's the perfect chance to plug your brand. How can our fellow g33ks connect with you and Red Envelope Photos?   I'm simple you can find me at It's what I use since my photos are meant to be shared and enjoyed. You feeling good about having a nice photo to share makes me feel good and that what makes me keep doing what I do.
Photo Mar 10, 4 35 17 PM.jpg

I want to sincerely thank Seth from Red Envelope Photos for being the very first subject for our newest segment on Lifted Geek. A cat like this is the definition of what a Lifted Geek is. Keep doing what you do and follow this guy! Cheers and Get Lifted. 

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