ECCC 2013 Cosplay Extravaganza!

By Lillian Wong (@lillyums)

Hello g33ks! We attended our very first Seattle comic con, the Emerald City Comic Con 2013! We've lived here most of our lives and noticed we had never attended this, why?  Not sure... but we now know we'll be attending this convention for as long as we can!  This year at ECCC, one thing I noticed was how cosplay-centric this comic convention was.  I've gone to San Diego Comic Con and while it is a very large convention, there were cosplay HOWEVER, compared to my yearly attendance to Sakura Con in Seattle, cosplay seemed like it was a minimum at SDCC.  At ECCC, there was A LOT more of cosplay.  It doesn't beat the number of cosplayers you may see at an anime convention, but it's one of those atmospheres where if you dressed up, it wouldn't have been weird. 

Another reason why cosplay at ECCC was in full bloom (and probably every year) was because they also hosted a cosplay contest (the "Costume Party") with judges Yaya Han (costume designer and cosplay entertainer), Wendy & Richard Pini (creator and writer of Elfquest) as well as Red (from 107.7 The End).   In addition, following the Costume Party was "The Masters" at the ECCC Costume Party where the contestants in "The Masters" category compete for cash money $$$. These costumes at the entire Costume Party were all fabulous and hand made by each person.  I managed to snag photos of these cosplayers while they were on the floor; if I had been closer to the stage, I would have been able to produce much better photos but unfortunately I did not :(

Cosplaying at a comic convention like ECCC is definitely not as uncommon as we expected, and because this was our first time attending a smaller comic convention, it was no surprise to see a smaller community of comic fans participating in this.  Even Justin Prince and I dressed up!!!

Please enjoy the photos we took of cosplayers from ECCC 2013 below, feel free to claim the photos if you were in them!!