ECCC 2014 Cosplay Top 20

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

WHEW! Emerald City Comic Con 2014 has come to a close and letmetellyou the cosplay turn out was spectacular. We had SO many amazing cosplays seen across all age groups and we are so sorry if we weren't able to capture many others! It was a packed house and we were able to capture over 400 cosplays of the event.  

Check out the Top 20 of my favorite cosplays from the whole weekend, and then scroll down to the end for my Cosplay Pick of ECCC 2014!

See the remaining cosplay photos on our Facebook page.

And my cosplay top pick for ECCC 2014 is......

drum roll..............


*crowd cheer*

I have to say when I saw these guys, it made me pretty happy! Congrats on being Lifted Geek's Top Pick, Mario and Luigi!