Cosplay Wednesday: Disney's Snow White by Genkimami


Welcome to our next Cosplay Wednesday segment featuring cosplayer, Genkimami, as Disney's Snow White. The "Fairest of Them All" sees no evil, and with her kindness and purity, makes her the sweetest of all Disney princesses. Genkimami portrays all of Snow's best qualities so well and with such a beautiful cosplay, could make Genkimami the "Fairest of Them All" herself.

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Photography by Majin Buchoy

Photography by Majin Buchoy

Cosplayer: Genkimami (Facebook,
Cosplay: Disney's Snow White
Photographers: Elite Cosplay (Facebook, Website)
                         Majin Buchoy (Facebook)
                         Jack Liu (Website)

1. How long have you been cosplaying?
Since 2010

2. Why did you choose this cosplay?
After seeing Shoomlah's historical Snow White fanart, ( I wanted to cosplay that version. However I changed my mind and decided to make a version of Disney's Snow White inspired by Elizabethan period fashion. This is why my costume includes an Elizabethan corset and a ruffled collar.

Photography by Elite Cosplay

3. How long did it take to complete?
It was made over the course of 2 or 3 months, but I have no idea how many hours I spent working on it!

4. What was the hardest part when constructing it?
I had no idea how to do the stand up collar so I pretty much just winged it with the help of a friend! 

5. What do you love most about this cosplay?
All the fancy fabric! The lining of my cape is burgundy Indian silk with a black floral pattern and the fabric for the underskirt is a beaded bridal satin. Too bad you mostly can't see them!

Photography by Elite Cosplay

Photography by Elite Cosplay

6. Are you debuting this at a convention? If you already have, which convention?
I debuted this costume at Anime North 2013 and recently wore it again at Anime Matsuri 2014.

7. What's your next cosplay project?
I'm almost finished with my Eternal Sailor Neptune cosplay, then I'll start working on a new project with my cosplay partner: Aya and Melissa from Parasite Eve

Photography by Jack Liu Ariel is CelticSakura (Facebook) Rapunzel is GebGeb Cosplay (Facebook) Belle is MaggieMoogle

Photography by Jack Liu

Ariel is CelticSakura (Facebook)

Rapunzel is GebGeb Cosplay (Facebook)

Belle is MaggieMoogle

Can't wait to see your future work, Genkimami!