Cosplay Wednesday: Ciel Bleu as Hope Estheim from FF13-2

Cosplay Wednesday: Ciel Bleu as Hope Estheim from FF13-2

Photography by Majin Buchoy

Here we are with our SECOND male cosplay submission! Meet Ciel Bleu, cosplayed as Hope Estheim from FFXIII-2.  We love that he chose to cosplay the older Hope Estheim and the amount of work he took to pretty much alter this outfit is quite impressive. Great job, Ciel!  Want to submit to Cosplay Wednesday? Check out the details at the end of the post.

Character: Hope Estheim
Cosplayer: Ciel Bleu
Game: Final Fantasy XIII-2
Photographer: Majin Buchoy
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*Instagram  @cielbleucosplay

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Photography by Majin Buchoy

Tell us about your cosplay:
I've loved Hope ever since Final Fantasy 13. When I decided to cosplay him, I was torn in choosing between his younger or older version. I posted on my cosplay page for my friends and followers opinions and in the end, FFXIII-2 version won. Do I regret cosplaying the older version? Definitely not. Will I cosplay the younger version in the future? Maybe. ;)

How long did it take to complete?
I bought the cosplay but it didn't end there. I made alterations to it and improved the over all look of the outfit. All in all it took a span of two to three months. I had to commission his Airwing so I also had to wait for the prop maker but it also gave me more time to make alterations to it.

What was the hardest part in constructing it?
Since I only made alterations, the hardest part would be finding all the hooks/buckles that goes on his jacket. It was quite an adventure. It took me four JoAnn's stores to complete the set of eight that I needed and then there's the actual sewing it on the jacket. Not to mention it's 2 parts a piece and I would sew on the wrong piece in the wrong part of the jacket. That happened about 3-4 times. There was also the struggle of finding all the pins that went on the side of his sleeves and his necktie. After much searching, I found some cheap airline pins but they are gold. I had to spray paint them silver and coat them so they wouldn't smudge. It's also a pain attaching all 20 pieces (10 on each sleeve) everytime I would wear him. It's all worth it in the end since I absolutely love Hope.

What do you love most about this cosplay?
At the end of the day, it is the sheer enjoyment of walking around as my favorite character. It is also from Final Fantasy. I mean, that in itself is pretty amazing. Meeting with other fans and being dorky and nerdy with them only adds to the fun! The photo was taken at AKon 2013. It was super hot outside in the field of grass but it was so worth it. Massive props to the photographer. I enjoyed working with him!

What's your next cosplay project?
By the end of this year, I am aiming to put together:
Frosted Ezreal - League of Legends
Len Kagamine (Senbonzakura version) - Vocaloid
T.K. (Grown up version) - Digimon
Male Yang (Yin) Xiao Long - RWBY


Can't wait to see your upcoming cosplays! 
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