Artist of the Week Episode 3: Ron Chan

Written by Riri (@lillyums
Video by Lauren

Welcome to our 3rd feature artist for Artist of the Week - Ron Chan! We met Ron at Kumori Con 2013 and what attracted me to his booth was that I noticed his art style illustrated a variety of different styles and didn't have just one kind as you may notice with many artists. With that his work can attract and target certain individuals with tastes that may lean towards one style vs another. In my case, I gravitate towards cute-sy mash ups such as these Attack on Titan mash ups below!

My Neighbor Titan, by Ron Chan

Plants vs Titans by Ron Chan

Based in Portland, OR, much of his work has been published in popular comics including Dark Horse, Marvel, Viper, and others. His background was so extensive we wanted to interview him and have him tell us more about why he does what he does including his past and current work! Check out examples of his other work depicting his different art styles after the video.

Star Trek Captain Picard by Ron Chan

Angel from X-Men by Ron Chan

Spider Girl by Ron Chan