The Ninjabot: Origins Kickstarter

The Ninjabot: Origins Kickstarter


written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin

Every super hero (or villain) needs an origin story, some are more recognizable like Bruce Wayne watching his parents gunned down before his eyes or Peter Parker getting bitten by a radioactive spider, some are more obscure like the many variations of Joker’s origin or how Doctor Doom first donned his mask. Everything starts somewhere, and when it comes to the characters of our modern mythology, the origin is just as important as any adventure in between.

3 years ago, we were walking around the show, specifically the small press table section, and thought to ourselves, ‘Hey, we should do something like that’

Enter Ninjabot, this duo of talented artists have made their rounds around the con circuit, I met them at Rose City Comic Con and had the esteemed pleasure to talk to them about their Kickstarter. They are trying to produce a book, a compilation of their Origin series of prints, to date they have hit their goal but what’s next for a crowd sourcing project? Stretch goals! I’m a huge fan of their artwork and would love for more of their prints to be included. Check out their Kickstarter and pledge if this is your bag of tricks.

I did have a chance to interview them, check it out:

 First, please introduce yourselves.   

Arnel: Hey, my name is Arnel. 

Estefania: And my name is Estefania, and we're The Ninjabot Team!

Every super hero needs an origin story, what's Ninjabot's origin story?

Estefania: Ninjabot's origin story is simple really. After a San Diego Comic Con show, a little over 3 years ago, we were walking around the show, specifically the small press table section, and thought to ourselves, "Hey, we should do something like that"[create and sell our own art]. Three months later The Ninjabot was born.  

What mediums do you usually use for your work?

Arnel: I usually sketch everything with a red, or blue, pencil on my sketchbook, and then we scan it and build it digitally.

What traditional mediums do you like to work with?

Arnel: I love using watercolor. A lot of the sketches that I do for prints, I'll end up doing a watercolor study for them for fun.

What kind of arts background do you have?

Estefania: We both went to The Art Institute of Las Vegas a few years ago. I went for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

Arnel: I went for Graphic Design, but I have been drawing since I was 9 years old. 

What kind if geek background do you have?

Estefania: He's my geek background, haha. But really, because of him, and our almost 7 years together, I've gotten more connected with my geeky side.  

As far as comics go, what are you reading at the moment? Do you have any favorite issues or story arcs?

Estefania: I love reading The Walking Dead series. I gotta admit though, I don't read single issues because they are too short for me. I rather wait a whole year, and then read the whole hardcover book in an hour.

Arnel: I'm reading Superman Unchained right now, and I love it.

Origin's are a pretty major theme in the Kickstarter you guys are promoting, quick fire question: your person top 3 favorite "origin stories" in comic book history?

Arnel: Superman, Green Lantern, and Captain America.

Estefania: Wonder Woman, Wolverine, and Magneto.

What are your plans for the future on Ninjabot?

Estefania: To keep making art, that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

Any projects in the pipeline you'd be at liberty to talk about?

Arnel: I think after the Origin Series, we're going to take a break from doing big series like that. Probably go back to doing smaller stuff.

Estefania: As far as long term though, we have a lot of print ideas we want to do. We have a whole list, and unfortunately, not enough time, but one day we'll get to them.

And lastly... Every superhero need's their theme music, what song would be yours?

Arnel: I like to think it would be the Man of Steel score by Hans Zimmer.

Make sure to check out their Kickstarter and support these super talented artists, they have such a unique art style, you can't help but love their work. Let's give it up for this duo, the definition of a Lifted Geek. 

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