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Artist of the Week Episode 7: Andrew Wilson

We met digital artist, Andrew Wilson, at Emerald City Comicon 2014 and what drew me to him was actually this gigantic banner above his booth with all these Mario mushrooms illustrated as notable characters or icons surrounding a bean-eyed sexy female character...

Artist of the Week Episode 4: Echo Chernik

We met Echo Chernik at Rose City Comic Con last month and fell in love with her art nouveau style.  One piece in particular that caught my eye was probably one some of you have seen floating around the net, and it's her art nouveau Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock Infinite.  

Artist of the Week Episode 3: Ron Chan

Welcome to our 3rd feature artist for Artist of the Week - Ron Chan! We met Ron at Kumori Con 2013 and what attracted me to his booth was that I noticed his art style illustrated a variety of different styles and didn't have just one kind as you may notice with many artists...


Crochet Tunisian Harry Potter Scarf - Happy 15th Anniversary!

So I used to post articles in my own personal blog at   Live. Love. Laugh. but since I started at Lifted Geek, most of my show and tells have been posted here. Well, a while back I made a Harry Potter scarf that was a huge hit, and it was featured in several other blogs. With Harry Potter's 15th anniversary this year, I figured this would be the best time to repost my Harry Potter scarf pattern for this Fall and have you crocheters (or knitters!) start on a new project!