Crochet Tunisian Harry Potter Scarf - Happy 15th Anniversary!

Crochet Tunisian Harry Potter Scarf - Happy 15th Anniversary!

Written by Riri (@lillyums

So I used to post articles in my own personal blog at   Live. Love. Laugh. but since I started at Lifted Geek, most of my show and tells have been posted here. Well, a while back I made a Harry Potter scarf that was a huge hit, and it was featured in several other blogs. With Harry Potter's 15th anniversary this year, I figured this would be the best time to repost my Harry Potter scarf pattern for this Fall and have you crocheters (or knitters!) start on a new project!

So here it is! The direct link to this blog is also here should you want to read comments others have posted including questions and answers. I made the Gryffindor scarf; change the color scheme to whatever house you want to represent!


This is how I did it:

This pattern uses Tunisian Knit Stitching.

A great tutorial website that I absolutely love is

There are tons and tons of other tunisian stitching other than knit stitch.

Another good tutorial website also includes a tutorial on the base row that you'll need to start with:

I wanted to make this scarf wide, but you can adjust the width however you would like based on your chain length.

But, here's what I did anyways

I used Caron Soft Yarn: Autumn Red and Sunshine

Hook: J

With Red (or desired starting color)

Chain 33 (change this to be shorter or longer as you wish)
Forward Row 1: Perform Base Row ( link above)
Reverse Row 1: Return row
Forward Row 2: Tunisian knit stitch across
Reverse Row 2: Return row
repeat row 2 until you are ready to change colors (20 rows for me)

Forward Row 20: tks across
Reverse Row 20: return row with YELLOW yarn

And repeat Row 2 with yellow. Continue Red/Yellow/Red/Yellow til you reach your desired length :)

For the fringes, I looped the yarn 6 times around and cut one end of it.  Or you can measure 6 long strings roughly 9" long or your desired length.  If you do it this way, fold the 6 pieces of yarn in half and take the loop end and thread it through a hole at the end of the scarf and pull the end pieces through the loop.  

And that's it!  Check out the original blog post linked in the first paragraph of this article for questions and answers in the comments to see if your question is posted there!

Here are some quick links if you'd like to purchase these yarns.

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