Despicable Me 2: Evil Minion Crochet & Hair Tutorial

Despicable Me 2: Evil Minion Crochet & Hair Tutorial

Hello G33ky Minions! If you haven't seen Despicable Me 2, GO SEE IT!! Hopefully none of this is a spoiler considering this crazy mouthed purple disaster appears in the trailers. When I saw him in the trailers, I decided to make an Evil Minion, mainly because I wanted to try to make that hair! That crazy troll hair!

I knew winging this might be a challenge in some areas. I've had to redo the mouth area a few times but finally got it right so that it looks like he has an extreme underbite.  The hair was actually done using YARN... and a wirey cat brush... awesome huh? Seriously I don't know what other brush could do this.  Thankfully, I have a cat. And a cat brush.

Unfortunately, there is no pattern to go with this. It was, however, inspired by MonAmiCreationz; I had previously made minions from her pattern (Despicable Me Minions) and used her pattern as a guideline to construct the Evil Minion.  

My minions!

Many people on my Deviant Art have asked about how the hair was done - so I figured I can go through this process, in case any of you want to make a an amigurumi with crazy troll hair too.

I took some progress photos to show! Here's adding the teeth to start, which I used adhesive felt for.  I flipped the lip over so you can see the placement of the teeth. This was basically the start of my progress photos, since this was also the first time I was constructing a "lip" on an amigurumi, I wanted to document it!

White adhesive felt, you can see the "lip" can flip over

The hair was next! I looped and secured like a bunch of yarn through the stitches... all the around the head piece and every other row towards the center of the head. 

looping the yarn through the stitches 

Next, I had to separate EACH and EVERY STRAND OF YARN.... unraveling and untwisting to get those individual strings that make up the 4 ply yarn (at least that's what I used.)  This took a very long time.... so I made my boyfriends do it all :)

All the strands are separated!! 

Alrighty! All untwisted with individual strands - looking better so far right? Now the individual strands need to be brushed and fluffed, that's where the cat brush comes in!

Meet... the cat brush.

Now you just gotta brush, brush, BRUSH!! But be gentle, and expect that there will be a bunch of purple on that brush.  Start on one end, and separate the hairs to get towards the center and finish off all the way around. Or do whatever :) 

Part of the hair brushed and fluffed

After fluffing up the whole hair, it'll come out all awesome! You can now style it however you want! Straight up, parted, or all over the place!

And that's just about wraps up the crazy troll hair tutorial! Have you crafted anything geeky lately? Send us your photos at! Reviews: Kick-Ass 2 Reviews: Kick-Ass 2

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