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Everfree NW 2013: Artist Alley Highlights

One of my most favorite things to look forward to at any convention is visiting the artist alley.  Artists come to sell remarkable merchandise that they have designed and created for the fans.  As a fellow crocheter and crafter, I obviously have a huge appreciation for these artists and I got the chance to speak to a few of my personal favorite artists of the convention and hopefully with this article, we can help promote their work and follow them!


Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes

Last month my coworker sent me this pattern for crocheting a stuffed animal Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes for his son. I actually have never read any of the Calvin and Hobbes comics, but I knew of it.  When I saw the pattern, I was a little confused because I didn't recall seeing Hobbes as a stuffed animal until my boyfriend explained to me that Hobbes IS a stuffed animal, just that Calvin's imagination shows us Hobbes as a "real" tiger.

A G33k Beanie

Hello geeks! So in honor of our progress and the number of fans increasingly supporting us day by day, I made a "G33k" beanie! This is a simple single crochet beanie that can be worn by both girls and guys, and even worn a bit slouchy for a different look.

Despicable Me Minion

I haven't even seen this movie and here I am making a post about my crocheted minion! I hear great things about this movie! And there's a sequel too? Anyways, I was linked the pattern to make these little guys and decided that I would make one!!