Artist of the Week Episode 4: Echo Chernik

Riri with Echo Chernik and her Art Nouveau Elizabeth poster 

Written by Riri (@lillyums

We met Echo Chernik at Rose City Comic Con last month and fell in love with her art nouveau style.  One piece in particular that caught my eye was probably one some of you have seen floating around the net, and it's her art nouveau Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock Infinite.  Considering I was also cosplaying as Elizabeth that day, meeting the artist of this piece was super awesome. I had seen this many times under Google Images as a help to create my cosplay.

Anyway, we wanted to interview her and find out a little bit more about her art style, background, inspirations, and the projects she has done. Check out her video! Links to her pages are after the video.

Check out her links below and some other examples of her work!

Echo Chernik Website

Art Nouveau Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, phot extracted from DA page

Cupcake Cthulhu, photo extracted from DA page

Goddess of Tea modeled by Yaya Han, photo extracted from DA page.