Geek Girl Con 2013 Cosplay Round Up

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

This was Geek Girl Con's 3rd annual convention, and my first attendance!  For being a small con, the cosplay was in full swing and there were tons of children dressed along side with their parent/guardian.  Also, as the name may suggest, GGC is not  specific to just females; there were plenty of male cosplayers and attendees!

What was fun was that some of the staff of GGC were dressed as rocked out Sailor Scouts and if you found them, they would give you a sticker! Unfortunately I didn't find all of them :( I managed to grab only 6 of them and they had the inner and outer senshi walking around! 

Anyway, as we normally do, we highlight our top 10 favorite cosplays in the round up and then pick our top pick cosplay of Geek Girl Con. Soooo here it is! Check out the rest of our photos on our facebook page HERE.

and my top pick of Geek Girl Con is....Louise from Bob's Burgers! I've never seen this cosplay before, that and I love the simplicity of the cosplay and this girl did a great job!