Kumoricon 2013 Cosplay Roundup


Written by: Riri (@lillyums)

Kumoricon 2013 contained a wide variety of cosplay; while we have noticed some larger conventions being "taken over" by cosplayers from one particular show, Kumoricon was like a showcase of a little bit of everything from everywhere.  It was just only Day 1, but I saw only a small handful of Attack on Titans (which I thought would have been more of that day).  Instead, I saw an unusual amount of Homestuck cosplays.  Maybe there was an event going on... who knows; when you walk around a corner and all you see are grey people with orange/yellow horns, it wasn't difficult for me to think Kumoricon's been Kumori-stuck. I also noticed that my photos had a lot of pairs and groups...

It's too bad we didn't get to attend the other days!! I'm sure we would have gotten much more cosplay footage but it had overlapped with our PAX coverage. 

Here are my top 10 favorite cosplays from our only day at Kumoricon, with my most favorite at the bottom of the article. Please see the rest of our cosplay photos from this day on our Facebook!

AND MY MOST FAVORITE COSPLAY AT KUMORICON...............................


I swear this guy... he toughed it out in the hot weather ( and I mean the dude underneath the suit) but man he knew how to be the cutest moogle ever! You had to be there to see him. He made my day.