(cos)WED: Aqua [Kingdom Hearts] by TinyBat Cosplay

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

Welcome to this week's Cosplay Wednesday. We have a returning cosplayer, TinyBat Cosplay, here to show us her Aqua cosplay from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. It's been a while since I've seen a Kingdom Hearts cosplay actually, so it's a little nostalgic as I remember my first time playing this game when it was released.  Aqua is a keyblade wielder, one of the main protagonists of the KH:BS game; in fact she is one of three of the keyblade wielders in the game.  Between the 3 of them, she is regarded as more responsible and reliable.  She never strayed from the path of light and was always selfless, and cares for her two friends incredibly.  That and I love her outfit!  Let's see how TInyBat Cosplay brought Aqua to life.  

Cosplayer: TinyBat Cosplay (FB)
Cosplay: Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Photographer: K.T Studio

1. How long have you been cosplaying?
4 years now

2 Why did you choose to cosplay this character?
When I picked up the Kingdom Hearts games, Aqua's story always seemed to stick with me and I had the most fun playing Birth by Sleep. She's such a strong character and her keyblade is pretty cool

3. How long did it take you to complete?
About 2 weeks for the sewing but I commissioned a friend to do the keyblade and that took her 6 months

4. Any difficulties when constructing the costume?
Getting all the straps fit properly on my body and not have everything too loose

5. What do you love most about cosplaying this character?
I love how the costume feels, it's extremely comfortable and I love getting to embody that strong female role

6. Where did you debut this costume? If you haven't... where do you plan to debut?
I first wore this at North West Fan Fest 2015 but I'm hoping to pull it out again now that more of my friends are cosplaying Kingdom Hearts

7. What's next? Cosplay related of course...
I'm in the process of making Widowmaker and Domino cosplays for Fan Expo so I'm hoping to make bigger and more prop heavy cosplays in the future!

We are excited to see what you have later! 

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