cos(WED): Cammy White by TinyBat Cosplay

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

This week's Cosplay Wednesday features TinyBat Cosplay, a cosplayer based in Vancouver, B.C.  She's showing off her Cammy White from Street Fighter 2! I'm a fan of the Street Fighter series, though I'm not very good at the game. Cammy is one of the more popular fighting characters in the series, as she does appear in almost all the games.  Her green thong leotard is hard to miss.  Besides her popular appearance, she is strong and determined, but also very respectful towards those close to her, but can be really condescending towards those she dislikes. We love seeing a Cammy cosplay and glad to feature TinyBat. Check out how she did it!

Cosplayer: TinyBat Cosplay (FB)
Cosplay: Cammy White from Street Fighter 2
Photographer (if applicable): Tempest Photo (FB)

1. How long have you been cosplaying?
3 years

2. Why did you choose to cosplay this character?
I've been a huge fan of the Street Fighter games since I was a kid, I used to go to the arcade in Metro town with a few of my friends near the end of elementary school and Cammy was always my go to character to use.

3. How long did it take you to complete?
I have a terrible habit of documenting my hours but it took me around 3-4 weeks

4. Any difficulties when constructing the costume?
The gloves caused many problems since it was my first time working with pleather but it worked out in the end.

5. What do you love most about cosplaying this character?
Her attitude! I loved everything about her serious and badass attitude and when I'm walking around a con I just feel like a badass and the cosplay makes me feel awesome

6. Where did you debut this costume? If you haven't... where do you plan to debut?
I originally wore it at Sakura Con 2014 but I remade the gloves for Anime Revolution 2014

7. What's next? Cosplay related of course...
I'm in my final year of school right now but I'm working on Juri from Street Fighter 5 right now so I'm very excited about that!

reat job TinyBat! Looking forward to seeing your Juri!

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