cos(WED): Sylvanas Windrunner by Tree Dragon Cosplay

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

This week's Cosplay Wednesday welcomes Tree Dragon Cosplay, a local Seattle area cosplayer here to show us her Sylvanas Windrunner cosplay from the World of Warcraft game. Lady Sylvanas is a high elf who rules over the Undercity as Queen of the Forsaken, one of the most powerful factions of undead on Azeroth. Go strong female characters! Due to her early life as a ranger general, she is proud and vain, but also ruthless. There is very little distinction between friend or foe: if you're not with the Forsaken, then you're against them.  However, she is a great military leader opposing the use of hostages and having banned chemical weaponry.  Over all this, she still looks like a bad ass. Check out how Tree Dragon Cosplay wore her!

Cosplayer: Tree Dragon Cosplay (FB)
Cosplay: Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft
Photographer: Toshi Studios (FB), Pixlr (FB)


How long have you been cosplaying?
I first started in 2012. I'd heard about a small local anime convention and decided to check it out. I didn't know anything about the cosplay community but I decided to dress up as a character from my favorite anime, Dragonball Z, and from then on I had caught the bug, and never looked back.

Why did you choose to cosplay this character?
I love the history and backstory of Sylvanas, and how she makes me feel so majestic and just badass when I'm cosplaying her.

How long did it take you to complete?
Sylvanas took me a full 6 months to complete. I wanted to take my time and get in as many details as possible and perfect the paint job in the process. Of course if I could rebuild a few pieces I would, but that would be the perfectionist in me talking.


Any difficulties when constructing the costume?
Getting the skulls and the gems just right was one of the harder aspects. I made them from a clear cast resin and it took me a couple tries to get them to look how I wanted. It was also my first time experimenting with a clear cast resin. Also, making all the strappings and attachments work was a challenge. I had to change out the buckles and velcro several times before I found ways that worked and were relatively comfortable.

What do you love most about cosplaying this character?
I love being able to see the reactions on people's faces when they see my cosplay up close and in person as well as just getting the chance to take pictures with other fans of the character and other characters from World of Warcraft. I also love that she is so different from my own personality that I can just be someone completely different from myself.


Where did you debut this costume? If you haven't... where do you plan to debut?
Sakura-con 2016 in Seattle, WA! I can't wait to bring her to many more future cons!

What's next? Cosplay related of course...
I have so many ideas for future cosplays! It's hard to see what direction I'm going to go, build-wise, but I love all kinds of armor. A few in the works are a female norn from Guild Wars 2, Dani Moonstar from the Marvel Universe, Demon Hunter from Diablo III, and possibly an original design by myself. Only time will tell what I will end up creating next!

Wow this was such beautiful work! Great job Tree Dragon Cosplay; we hope to see future submission from you again.

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