Costume Review: Sexy Green Player Costume ("Luigi") from Costume SuperCenter

Costume Review: Sexy Green Player Costume ("Luigi") from Costume SuperCenter

Written by Riri (@Lillyums)

Hey all, Riri here! As some of you may know, I am a cosplayer and have been one since 2007. Being a "cosplayer" doesn't mean that you have to make your own cosplays - and we all know this! There is no definition as long as you are cosplaying your favorite character and having fun, whether it was hand made, commissioned, or even store bought. 

Now I won't lie; I've been to several costume stores and websites and the only time I have ever visited those sites were to look for a costume just for Halloween.  However, we all know that as cosplayers, we cosplay all year round depending on how many conventions we attend, INCLUDING Halloween. But you know what? Costume SuperCenter isn't just a website for Halloween costumes. These are costumes for ANY TIME OF THE YEAR! And there are TONNNSSS of costumes and accessories, so why not buy one for your next convention?

Original product image from Costume SuperCenter

A couple years ago, I cosplayed as a gender bent Mario; this year, I wanted to give Luigi a shot! I swear we have way more Marios out there than Luigis! So I got this "Sexy Green Player Costume" (aka..."Luigi") from Costume SuperCenter to try on and now I'm here to show you how it fits me and how I wore it.

First off, it is usually very difficult for me to get clothes to fit properly because of my super short height and short torso.  I got the size Small andI was a little nervous that size may not fit as well as an XS, which unfortunately was not available or did not come in that size. This set came with a pair of gloves, high waist blue shorts with straps, cropped green top, and green cap.

When I tried it on, the green shirt was a little loose, and the straps were pretty long, even when it was adjusted to the shortest it can go. The individual straps themselves could not be adjusted, but you can adjust the length of the whole thing from the back to raise or lower in increments of about an inch up to 3 inches.

Since it was pretty long on me, I fixed this part myself and cut 20 cm off each strap and re-attached it back to the rings in the back. After that, everything fit perfectly!

The hat, of course didn't have Luigi's "L" logo, so I added the logo myself :)

So that wasn't all too bad at all! Making these minor modifications only took me about 20 minutes and then I was ready to debut this costume at Rose City Comic Con! I even found the cutest little Luigi there to take a photo with :)

Check out my shoot below, taken by Justin Prince, the other half of Lifted Geek!

As you can see, it's kind of got a pin-up style so I wanted to do a sort of Luigi pin-up style shoot! I wished I had my stuffed Mario mushroom or a star for the shoot - that would have been fun to use! I also totally forgot to wear the white gloves... Mamma Mia! >.<

Interested in picking this costume up? Check it out here! There's also the "Red Player" costume, and other variants of those costumes for both of those "players" :) In fact, just check out their entire store! 

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