cos(WED): Perona from One Piece by ToriYummai


Check out this week's Cosplay Wednesday featuring ToriYummai, a cosplayer all the way from the UK! We have here a cosplay of her as Perona from One Piece, an anime about a bunch of pirates searching for the greatest treasure in the world - you guessed it, "One Piece." Enter "Ghost Princess" Perona! Horo-horo-horo-horo-horo!! She has the ability to produce ghosts from her body through the powers of this Devil Fruit, the Horo Horo no Mi. She comes off as childish and tends to be cruel to others, however. she has been shown to be capable of kindness even in her enemies. She also loves all things that are cute! What a crazy girl! We can see why ToriYummai would choose to cosplay Perona, and this is how she did it!

Cosplayer: ToriYummai (Facebook)
Cosplay: Perona
Series: One Piece
Photographer: Pouncy (Flickr)

1. How long have you been cosplaying?
I have now been cosplaying for about 6 years but it seems like forever.

2. Why did you choose this cosplay?
I chose this cosplay because I thought it looked amazing and would be fun to make. I also really love the character because she has the power to make people feel depressed yet she has such a wacky personality! 

3. How long did it take?
It actually ended up taking two years to complete because I kept finding problems with materials and got really lazy. Also I kept getting distracted by all the other cosplays I wanted to make.

4. What was the hardest part when constructing it?
The hardest part when constructing it was the skirt, I didn't have a sewing machine at first and had to do it by hand; the flowers were so fiddly to cut out and sew on, it took forever.

5. What do you love most about this cosplay?
I think my favourite thing about this cosplay would have to be the bright colours!

6. Are you debuting this at a convention? If you already have, which convention?
I first wore it back in April to an event called Kitacon!

7. What's your next cosplay project?
I have two projects in the making for my next event: Harley Quinn from Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mad Moxxi from Borderlands.

Awesome, we can't wait to see more of your work!

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