Tomodachi Life (That Girl's Pro-Tips)

Tomodachi Life (That Girl's Pro-Tips)

written by Tamara Carrion (@LilBigTrouble)

Tomodachi Life has been out for a good couple weeks now maybe, so there's a good chance that you know what the game is generally about. If that's the case, you can go on and skip down to the tips list and QR codes below. If you're unfamiliar with Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS then: Hello! Let me introduce you to the wonderful island full of Mii's and their wacky daily adventures. On the island there's an apartment building full of empty apartments, which you can populate with created and/or imported Mii's. They'll mingle, become friends. Some will even fall in love and get married, maybe even have a baby! And these Mii's will rely on you to feel, clothe, and hang out with them from time to time.


There are hundreds of items you can give to your Mii's to keep them happy, and you'll have to check back daily to unlock and collect them all. Shops will update their inventory on a daily basis, and some items are seasonal, so you'll want to check back often to see what new items are available. When an item is purchased at least once or given to you, you'll be able to purchase it at any time from the shops. The money that you'll need to buy things is earned by interactions and selling treasures. The more positive the interaction (like giving a Mii their most favorite dish instead of one they dislike) the more money is earned. The goal is to keep everyone super happy so that you can earn lots of monies!

Turn your friends, favorite celebs,  video game and anime characters into Mii's and into neighbors. You'll give them hamster costumes to wear, and feed them french toast. You'll give them dating advice, help them plan their dates, help them feel better when they've been rejected. Then at the end of the day, you'll join them for a rap battle by the fountain. - And that's a brief intro to the wacky wonderful world of Tomodachi Life.

There's a lot more to the game of course, but I wanted to keep this portion relatively short. You can still learn more about the game in the following tips section, since there is no main story to follow you don't have to worry about spoilers.


1. Mo' people equals mo' money and items. Your apartment building can house lots of Mii's. The more Mii's the higher the daily donations will be, the more problems you can help solve, mini games you can play, and so on. It's relatively easy caring for several Mii's since the game isn't harsh on the player if they don't check in often. 

2. Can't think of any more Mii's to make? Import some! You can find lots of QR codes on Tumblr and Twitter. Here are ones I found for VampyBitMe and Jessica Chobot.


Jessica Chobot

3. If you want to save of food for all of the Mii's you'll be feeding, stock up at the morning market. The food sold there is much cheaper than when its sold at the shop. 

4. The more the Mii's like what they are eating the happier they'll be, and the more money you'll get from the interaction. So find a Mii's favorite food and stuff their faces with it.

5. Level them up! Once a Mii reaches level 20 they'll begin to give you a gold or silver coin that you can sell for $200/$100. Also, you'll be given the option to give them one of whatever clothing or hats you have in your collection for free.

6. You can gain more happiness toward their leveling up by feeding them a few small snacks instead of one big meal, which will maximize the amount of interactions before they become full. Playing mini games also helps increase their happiness level, so hang out with them whenever they ask for attention.

7. Sell your treasures. It's tempting to hold on to them because some are pretty cool, but you can't do much with them. You can give them to one of the Mii's for them to give to a love interest when asking them out, but other than that they'll just sit in your inventory. So sell what you got when you can.


8. Sometimes it's better to lose a mini game, specifically when you can spot a low priced item ahead of time. This tip is for when you have to catch what a mii drops down to you. Some of the items that are dropped are worth as little as 10 cents. If you have already collected the item once, it's better to just lose and take the toilet paper consolation prize that's worth a buck.

9. Check in on them at night, they often have dreams that you can watch which will unlock foods, items, or clothing. You'll be able to tell the item by the dream, and while dreams will repeat, they can sometimes unlock new color variants of an outfit you already have.

10. You'll get some items from your island Mii's that you can save for a variety of things. The frying pan can be given to a Mii with a chance that they'll cook up something new, while giving him/her a sewing machine will allow him or her to create an outfit. A bath is good to cheer them up, or remove any applied hair dye.  Giving a travel ticket to a couple on the rocks will bring back the romance that went missing, or set a couple on a faster road to marriage.

Bonus tip: A Mii with a mirror in their inventory can change their own outfits.

Double Bonus: Some special QR codes for LG fans!


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cos(WED): Perona from One Piece by ToriYummai

cos(WED): Perona from One Piece by ToriYummai

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