You Should Be Reading: Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Dark One

written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

Aside from the review we also have an interview with one of the authors, Heather Finley. I'm a little behind on this piece, I had it for the most part written but other things fell in my lap. But hey, better late than never right?

A one-shot book, this story chronicles the secret past of Malec "The Dark One" and the villainous Dark Queen. Malec has grown tired of being in second command to the Dark Queen yet feels he lacks the strength to challenge her. Thanks to this book though, the readers get a chance to peek into the shared past of these two, though Malec's hatred for her stems much deeper than growing tired of her reign.

While I've been a fan of the Grimm Fairy Tales series of comics from Zenescope, I admit that I haven't had much experience with the tales of Malec and the Dark Queen. Still though, I found the story quite easy to digest, even without prior knowledge of the source material I felt like the self contained story was still meaty. Written by Raven Gregory and (friend of us here at Lifted Geek) Heather Finley with art by Ricardo Silva and Mario Gonzalez. The art is definitely eye catching, much like the rest of Zenescope's library, and I couldn't help myself from being drawn to the character design. The deep hues of reds and oranges really solidify the dark setting, further backed up by the engaging story both Gregory and Finley managed to craft.

Absolutely this is a book you need to read, whether you continue to follow the series or are just looking for an engaging one-shot to pick up... The Dark One one-shot will not disappoint. Speaking of the writers, as you may (or may not) know, Heather Finley is a friend of us here at Lifted Geek (check out her FB page here). We're lucky to have her contribute some articles and when we visited Emerald City Comicon this past Spring, I took a moment to sit down with her and see what's going on with her. Check the interview in the video below and definitely check out Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Dark One one-shot.


Age of Darkness: Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Dark One (one-shot)
written by: Raven Gregory and Heather Finley
pencils: Ricardo Silva
colors: Mario Gonzalez
cover price: $5.99