My Tail is Totally Fizzing Out! It's Catventure Time!

My Tail is Totally Fizzing Out! It's Catventure Time!

written by RIRI (@lillyums)

 Hello pet lovers and yarn geeks! Today's My Poor Kitty segment is another kitty sweater based on characters, Fionna and Cake from Adventure Time , which are gender swapped versions of Finn and Jake - except Jake's a dog, and Cake's a cat.  In case some of you don't know, I crochet themed sweaters for FIB, and take a bunch of pictures of him in it, all while laughing maniacally and pointing at him >:) We have a special comic at the end of the article, if you want to skip the mini tutorial on how I made his outfit, scroll to the end!

So imagine FIB as Cake, dressed as FIONNA! Exciting...RIGHT?! Maybe not that exciting, but it makes it an interesting kitty cosplay for this segment since this is the first time FIB is cosplaying a cat...cosplaying as Fionna.  Isn't he just the perfect color?!  Aside from him not being a female cat, you couldn't tell anyway...

My tail is totally fizzing out! (2).png

I picked this design because after watching a little bit of Adventure Time, I figured hey, my cat looks like Cake sorta, and it'd be kind of fun to see how he would do with a backpack on. *evil laughter*.... 

The sweater was crocheted in double crochet stitches following DIY Maven's Candy Corn Sweater pattern, except I always modify and elongate the sweater by many rows. The sweater design was fairly easy to make, as you can see it only consists of two shades of blue.  Nothing complicated unlike the designs I did for the BatCat or the SuperCat

The body of the backpack was done starting with a chain of I think 33 chain stitches. I connected end to end and then from there worked in rounds using double crochet stitches, and joining to the first double crochet of each round. I did this until I felt like changing colors to the other shade of green, and continued likewise til I achieved my desire length.  

Finally, the straps were made, also double crochet.  Everything was in double crochet because it's just faster to do! I crocheted 2 long rectangular pieces for the top and bottom of the backpack. I crocheted them in rows, width-wise and turning each time, each piece in each shade of green. The size of these two pieces were approximated and measured by eye to ensure that I can attach them to the openings of the main body.  I know I totally could have done this differently... like... making the 2 rectangular pieces first... then attaching yarn and doing rounds from there. BUTTTTT I didn't, and I'm just here to tell you what I actually did =P Anyway, the top and bottom pieces were attached and of course, before completely closing off an end, I stuffed with fiberfill.

Then... it was time to take a lot of photos...and then put him into a silly comic.

Credits: Adventure Time font by Ask-Angelo on DeviantArt

Hope you enjoyed this segment on FIB's non-normal kitty behavior when he is dressed as Fionna (or Cake, works both ways I guess).  Stay tuned for his next segment!!



No kitteh was harmed in the making of this comic.
No kitteh was unhappy.
Kitteh wore outfit for duration of photoshoot.
Kitteh happy purr purr purr.

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