It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SuperCat!

Written by Riri (@lillyums

It's been a while, but I've got a new sweater design for you geeky crocheters out there! A Superman sweater! This is great for both cats and dogs, but especially cats due to its non-restrictive design.  Be sure to enlarge the main image above to see how well Fib can move freely around with the sweater on! And I hope you also enjoy the little comic of him I made :)

I wanted to make this for Fib since Man of Steel  was going to be released in theaters at the time.  I didn't get a chance to finish making the post in time, but here it is finally! 

The Superman logo design was prepared in Excel as I do for all my other designs.  The design is below.  Areas annotated with "Raised" means you'll do front post double crochet (fpdc). The only thing I did differently that I couldn't show above was that I went back to the belt after I was done and single crocheted a decreasing round through the raised fpdc's.  So you'll probably see in Supercat's photos that it is all completely raised to appear like a belt buckle.

You'll also see at the bottom of the design, I numbered the stitch number the way this design should be followed. So the first sc or dc shown above would actually make it easier to create the opening of the sweater when you get to it.  

The pattern was again modified from  DIY Maven, and of course heavily modified with my original design.   Check out the pattern below.

Starting with Red:
Chain 54, join to other end without twisting.
Row 1: ch 2 (or faux dc), dc crochet around, Join. (54)
Row 2: Turn, ch 2 (or faux dc), dc in each sc around. Join. (54)
Repeat Row 2 until desired length. In my case, I did 6 rows total of red.
Change color to yellow
Row 7: ch 2 (or faux dc), dc in the next 3 dc, change color back to red, fpdc in the next 3 dc, change color back to yellow, continue design.

Continue to follow the design until you reach the start of Row 18, which is where the opening of the arm starts.  

You can modify this any way you'd like! For you knitters out there, you can use the design above for your knit stitches as well.  I'm no knitter so I'm not familiar with how to do knitting in rounds - I just know it's possible!!

Please enjoy some other photos below of SuperCat !!