It's about that time, and just in time for Halloween!!  Based on Tim Burton's Bat Man outfit, I created a bat man sweater for Fib and a mask of course which took me several retries to get it right.  Even then, it's still not quite right...

The design was not very difficult - I used Excel to color in cells black and yellow where appropriate to create this rather large symbol on the sweater.  The "belt" section used front post double crochet stitches where appropriate to create a "3D" like belt buckle and belt loops.  

The pattern is again modified from DIY Maven.  One thing I did differently this time from Flash Cat's outfit (in the first post of this blog) was I actually followed the same technique in turning at the end of the row.  In Flash Cat's outfit, I did continuous rounds of double crochet and what that actually ended up doing was "shift" the design, and everything was just off. So for this outfit, I turned at the end of the row everytime and I understood why - this keeps everything in line and even and no shifting!!!  So the design came out right in the middle.

Anyways please click on the comic strip to enlarge; I created this for fun while he was in costume!