Cosplay Wednesday: The Comedian (Rule 63) from Watchmen by Ashlynn Marie

The Comedian 1.jpg

Our next Cosplay Wednesday feature welcomes Ashlynn Marie cosplayed as The Comedian from Watchmen. More specifically, Rule 63-ed The Comedian! Now that's not a cosplay we've seen very often, so we are very excited to feature this.  Check out what Ashlynn had to say about her cosplay and work!

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  1. Why did you choose this cosplay?
    "Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense." 

  2. How long did it take to complete?
    It took about two months to complete. However, that time is also including my day job. I mainly worked on the costume during the weekend.

  3. What was the hardest part when constructing it?
    I honestly had no idea what I was doing or even what I am doing now. Honestly, thats the hardest part, trying to figure it out. The Comedian was the first time I ever used a sewing machine or used Worbla. It was all about trial and error.

  4. What do you love most about this cosplay?
    Honestly, I love how bad ass I felt. All black, faux leather, the mask and the weapons. PERFECT!

  5. What's your next cosplay project?
    I am currently working on Taskmaster and Doctor Doom. I will be wearing these and The Comedian to Indiana Comic Con on March 14-16. 

Amazing work Ashlynn! You might have felt bad ass but you also looked pretty bad ass too! 

Stay tuned for next week's Cosplay Wednesday feature!