Cosplay Wednesday: Scarlett Gene as Lorelei from The Mighty Thor

Scarlett Gene as Lorelei from Mighty Thor, photography by Roger Benson

Our next Cosplay Wednesday features Scarlett Gene, cosplaying as Lorelei from The Mighty Thor.  See what she has to say about it and all the hard work and challenges she went through to get this done!

Cosplayer: Scarlett Gene 

Cosplay: Lorelei from The Mighty Thor

Photographer: Roger Benson


Photography by Roger Benson

  1. Tell us about your cosplay:
    Made this costume using foam, worbla, fabric, paint, tassels, etc. i made everything u see from scratch except shoes which were strapless and white at purchase and belt which was green at purchase.
  2. How long did it take to complete?  
    I worked on it here and there throughout the year. Then as con approached, since I had been mostly slack all year, I worked on it almost all day for 2 weekends. 
  3. What was the hardest part when constructing it?
    The hardest part was the dress. First dress I ever made from scratch. Part of the trouble with the dress is that I just got a new sewing machine and that didn't work out, so I pulled it apart and went back to my trusty hem glue cheat. However, once constructed, the dress was a bit more baggy than I’d like so I took it in. Measured wrong and brought it in too much and it was too tight. Had to pull it apart again and remake it. I was happy with the end result mostly except I have a glue stripe down the side but its barely noticeable. Whew. My next dress with be easier. :)
  4. What do you love most about this cosplay? 
    I love how close I was able to get to the source material. I'm proud that there are only small differences. :) I love how sexy Lorelei is and I hope I captured that.
  5. What's your next cosplay project?
    My next big cosplay plan is a character from Soul Calibur. 

Great job Scarlett Gene! You've utilized a variety of different skills in this cosplay.  Have any of you got anything like this you'd like to share? Visit our Cosplay Wednesday submission details!