My Review of the Nendoroid Spider Man: Hero's Edition

Written by Lillian Wong

After over 3 months of waiting on my preordered nendoroid Spider Man toy from Good Smile Company, I finally received it last week.  I've recently started to have a liking for these nendoroid toys because they are just so kawaii!  When I saw that they had Spider Man (and Iron Man) on pre-order, I knew I had to pick it up and start my collection of cute shit.

So with that being said, here is my review of my first nendoroid.  

Upon opening the box, you get 2 pairs of hands (one that shoots out webbing and one that ... looks like it's about to shoot webbing), 2 different lengths of support arms, a suction cup, the "city" stand, and of course Spider Man in one piece.

I assembled the stand and switched out a different pair of hands.  Those were relatively easy to remove, and putting Spidey in an action pose was a little bit to do.  For one, his right arm kept coming off, probably because I'm not twisting it right... but no worries, these limbs are easy come easy off so that Spidey can be arranged to be in several different poses. Then his head came off and I was like nooooo but again, fear not, it actually stays on pretty well when you put it back on.  I admit I was a little rough...

For the most part, it is a good thing Spidey is this flexible.  Because then I was able to make him do these awesome poses using the longer support arm:

The suction cup addition is really nice - because with that I can put him by my TV!!! Not a good place if you have a cat. Really. 

Overall, I do like it, and what really made me like it more is the suction cup.  I can really put him anywhere, though I haven't tried the window yet.... I think it would still work, and I could even try to make him "crawl" too if I tried. But for now, he stays by the TV until I bring my cat back here.