Unboxing: Nendoroid Sakura Hatsune Miku

Here we go with another post about Riri and her toy obsession.  I don't really follow Hatsune Miku all that much, but I saw this nendoroid of her and I thought I absolutely had to have her.  I have this attraction towards pink... and Sakura flowers. They are so beautiful, I love how she looks with this outfit! 

So we see here there are multiple poses that we can put her in, and my absolute favorite is the one of her propped on those little pillows eating an onigri. >.<  Kawaiiii!!  So I'll be going through some heavy photo posts here showing you what I've done. 

So opening the box up we see the usual pieces all wrapped up and stuck in plastic.

Taking it all out and laying them out is what I like to do best to get started, and here are all the pieces.   I found it quite humorous the facial expressions to the head pieces.....Especially the one with just the face.  Here they are laid out, and not shown are the plastic support pieces and the plastic stand.

Again, just like the previous posts I've made, what do I do with all the little pieces?!?! BAHH.. found a little zip lock bag.  Anyways, fitting her together wasn't too bad, it was pretty sturdy all but her hair pieces...they were quite a pain to stay on when I was trying to change her arm position. Oh and her arms didn't like to stay in nearly as well as I wanted to either, but it was much sturdier than the Spider Man nendoroid I reviewed.  Her hair was also detachable, which was hard to take off at first, but you would need to if you wanted to change her face. Look, she so happy without her hair on! >.<

Anyway, here are some ways I was able to put her into poses :)  The first pose below actually didn't use any of the plastic support pieces - she stood all on her own using her hair >.< Thereafter, you can see in the background that they need those support pieces.

You could also choose to change out the hair pieces so that she can wear the cherries but it was such a pain in my ass to change her hair without her arms falling off I just didn't do it. But the final "display" pose I left her as is the picture above. So cute!!   

While assembling some of the poses, she came apart and I noticed... 

A smiley on her thigh! lol. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing this special Sakura version of Hatsune Miku and my unboxing of her!