Review: Gorgeous Ultimate Madoka Magica Figma

Written by Riri (@lillyums

Alright! My first figma from Max Factory, the Ultimate Madoka Magica.  From the previews  before pre-order, she definitely appeared larger so when she came in, she was smaller than I had expected.  But that's fine, a very well built and beautiful figurine otherwise.  When opening the box, I laid out all the pieces and here's what we have: The figure, hair pieces, a face, 2 sets of arrows, and a handy dandy set of hands all contained in this... hand containment.

What I love about this whole set is the fact that it actually a BAGGY that you can store all your pieces in!!! What was the number one thing I complained about in all the toys I've received thus far? WHERE DO WE PUT THE PIECES.... 

Attaching the wings and hair was very easy but I had to push a little hard to make sure the pieces fit in all the way. Even when I did that, nothing had fallen apart in the process, so that was a plus for me.  Another thing is that the back hair on the figurine was very soft and bendable. The hair pieces were not.  After assembling the hair pieces and attaching the wings, it started to look really nice! I almost considered just... super gluing the wings on - those were the hardest to put on just because of where they were located but in the end, they aren't going anywhere, so... why not?! I didn't super glue them... I don't have super glue :(

One of the hardest parts of this figma, which isn't saying a whole lot compared to other issues I've had with my other figurines, was getting the plastic support to stay on her, with the attachment done under the skirt, as you can see in first photo.  However, the support was very good, as it should be able to hold her up in mid air without the hinges crapping out.  

Everything put together made the figma look very beautiful and the various poses you can do is not very difficult either.  Another thing was the bow - it didn't quite stay tight in her hand if I wanted to have her positioned the bow horizontally.  It would keep sliding back down one way or just resting the wrong way.  If I had her holding the bow vertically,  and so the end of the bow had to be kind of supported onto the end of a piece of hair.  

Speaking of bow positions, the different sets of hands allow Madoka to either hold the bow, to be casual, and to hold the arrow.  One impressive hand could hold the arrow pretty well well. 

Overall, I think this is worth the figurine to own! I wanted to purchase the nendoroid version of her.. but I cancelled the preorder, after having issues with previous nendoroids and putting them together.  

Check out the rest of the photos below!