Review: Kuroyukihime by Kotobukiya

I'm a huge fan of Kotobukiya figurines, and when I saw Kuroyukihime, I fell in love. I did also cosplay her, and I tend to like to own toys after characters that I have cosplayed too.  When I received this package, I didn't expect this figurine to be as large as it was - mainly because the last several figurines I have received were small (nenderoids) and my first figma, the Ultimate Madoka Magica, was smaller than I had expected. So my expectations of Kuroyukihime's size was for her to be small and not full sized.  The thing is, I own several Kotobukiya figurines...You'd think I would have assumed the same size...

The box itself displays what the figurine looks like after assembly. After having much trouble with attaching limbs and things falling apart on me during my nenderoid and figma assemblies in my previous posts, this was a sigh of relief to see that I didn't have to deal with that! No multiple faces, no multiple pair of legs and arms, and no need for little baggies to hold on to all the extra parts.


So now here comes the unboxing and the parts laid out - 4 pieces for the wings, Haru-chan avatar, and Kuroyukihime.

Assembly was fairly easy, and the wings stayed in really, really well. It was a pretty secure fit and that was a good thing.   Haru-chan fit right into her arms too.  At completion, Kuroyukihime was beautiful. The colors of her wings were vibrant, and the painting job was excellent. 

Enjoy the full figure photos below!