Riri's Toy Box: Kotobukiya's Jubilee (FIGURE OVERVIEW)

Written by Riri (@lillyums)

The first time I heard about Kotobukiya’s Jubilee was from Justin Prince during his visit to NYCC 2013. At the time, Kotobukiya released 2 pieces of concept art as part of their DC and Marvel Bishoujo lines of statues – one being Starfire, and the other Jubilee. I was pretty excited to see this Shunya Yamashita version because I loved the modified short jacket, the shorts, and those converse-like high tops. Shunya Yamashita did not fail to show her spunky self in that art. With that, I decided on two things: 1) I’m going to cosplay her for ECCC 2014. 2) I’m going to buy this statue when it is available.

Sure enough, I did both.  I made the cosplay, AND the duffle bag too! I borrowed Justin Prince’s Tokidoki Wolverine keychain for the bag and had totally intended to design the popcorn bucket and cup… but never got around to it.  Finally, the figurine was released in January 2015. I picked up the figurine from Amazon.com.

I’ve always been a fan of Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line of statues and their other toys and have preferred to choose their brand over others especially when deciding to purchase Saber Nero, Shiro from No Game No Life, and Kuroyukihime from Accel World, to name a few. Now, I'm happy to add to my Kotobukiya collection.... Jubilee.

Upon receiving the box (and confirmed by the product description), this figurine includes two sets of her sunglasses: one being from the concept art, and the other being her original Jubilee sunglasses that we all know of.  This is apparently a bonus limited to the "first production run."  So...  yay! 

Taking her out the box was no problem at all; packaging was standard with all sorts of tape and sticky plastics to keep them in place. The only assembling I had to do was put the glasses on.  At first I had a little difficulty putting on the new version sunglasses, not sure why since it was pretty simple after I figured it out (there really wasn't much to figure out...just slip it on her head, and make sure the it goes behind the ears/under the hair...)

I really liked that they included the original sunglasses. It's just her classic sunglasses. But for the remainder of this article, I will be showing her with her new sunglasses.

What I did notice were the shadings of her skin. I thought.. wow, they did a good job on getting the shading from the curves and muscle definitions. Initially I thought, "She's so simple - crop jacket, tube top, shorts, high tops... what could go wrong?" And well if the painter could screw anything up, it would definitely be the shading. And for this figurine, the painter did a fine job. Maybe make her cleavage/chest less tan... that'd be my only complaint.

Overall, I really like this figurine and love this design. If there was a way to sculpt fireworks around her extended hand, that would have been really fantastic but I imagine something like that might be difficult to pull off. Or maybe not. *shrugs*

Interested in purchasing this figurine? You can head to Amazon to make this purchase!