Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7: Hero's Edition

Written by Riri (@lillyums

Uh oh, Riri's recent splurge has arrived! SCHHWEEEETTT! Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7 came in from Good Smile Co.  Doesn't he look cute? And anime-ish ? :) It was on preorder since like the age of time seriously...But that's just what preorders are! This is part of the Hero's Edition line, though i'm not totally sure if they will release more heroes, but that would be pretty geektastic if they did.  

However, this is my unboxing review of this nendoroid toy.  The one thing about the Spider Man nendoroid I reviewed last time was that it was kind of a little flimsy because the head was so heavy so that was the part that kept falling off.  I'm starting to think that maybe all nendoroids might be like this, because it's a pain in the ass to get them into position without a limb being detached.

The box also usually contain different ways you can set up the nendoroid; I decided to try to set them up as many as pictured!

Here's what the contents were upon opening (building stand not pictured) below. We have a pair of ... thruster thingys for his feet, and one attachment thruster thing for his back two pairs of hands of more thruster things (sorry I lack terminology in fictional advanced ... thruster Iron Man technology), and two normal pairs of hands in different motions. There are also plastic support to hold him in place, and when he is flying over the city. Also included was a suction cup so if you prefer him just displayed alone.

Lots of little parts, of course. I always wondered how the hell you store these.  Can't they include a little baggy? Or like, some hidden compartment under the main stand? Anyways, enough complaining. Assembling Iron Man together was not bad - he was sturdier than Spidey, and didn't fall apart on me nearly as bad. The mask was the only part that was unstable - it wasn't really something you could attach over his head, it had to kind of hang there for the photo and didn't "snap in."  That was the only thing, otherwise I would have totally wanted to display him as shown in the main photo above. 

Anyways so check out below all the ways I got to assemble him as! 

I was originally going to leave him displayed using the suction cup shown in the last picture in the slide above.  But then I put him over the Stark Tower and the city instead (not pictured).  But you can do it in so many ways!  I did all the poses shown on the box, which means that it IS possible but may require assistance from the plastic support.  I did manage to get him to stand in the first two photos, but when I had him kneel and shoot, you can see the plastic piece holding him upright. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos. I'd say assembling was fairly easy, but if you want him mask to stay on over his head like the main photo, that will be a challenge :(  

I got him through but it looks like they are sold out or isn't listing it anymore. You can try or CDJapan