Hero's Edition Nendoroid Spider Man and Iron Man

Nenderoid Iron Man Mark 7 and Spider Man

In edition to the Madoka figurines being open for preorder on 10/16/2012, Nendoroid Iron Man was open for preorder on 10/16/2012 too! It is scheduled for release on February 2013.  The Nendoroid Spider Man was on preorder back in July 2012, but it is going to be released NEXT MONTH! As in November 2012!  Not a lot of people were a big fan of the Nenderoid Spider Man apparently; I think it's so cute!  

Mikatan released a full preview of Nenderoid Iron Man, including the making and design of this amazing and hot figurine.  The engineers are so good at this! There are also other facial features you can plaster onto Iron Man.  Mikatan also had a preview of the Nenderoid Spider Man here.  

I hope they have nenderoid versions of like... all the heroes... This is really going to break the bank. So when these get shipped out to me, expect a review in 2013 :)

Product pages:
Nendoroid Spider Man: Hero's Edition
Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7: Hero's Edition

via Mikatan and GSC

You can place your preorders through AmiAmi, GSC, Hobby Link Japan

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