Ultimate Madoka figures: Nendoroid and Figma, time to break your wallet!

Nenderoid Ultimate Madoka and Figma Ultimate Madoka

To be honest, I haven't watched very much of Madoka Magica, but any person who don't watch will see how beautiful (and cute) these figurines are. As of 10/16/2012, the nenderoid Ultimate Madoka and the figma Ultimate Madoka figures are up for preorder.  This can be preordered via Good Smile Company or you may choose from AmiAmi, Hobby Link Japan, and a few others.  I personally ordered mine through AmiAmi.   

The english blog for the Good Smile Company is through Mikatan, and you'll see that they have released a full preview of both of these figurines. These are absolutely gorgeous; I can't say how much I love looking at the Figma Ultimate Madoka.  I would love to cosplay that! 

Please see more photos below of the nenderoid and the figma!

Product pages:
Nenderoid Ultimate Madoka for 3500 yen ($44.44)
Figma Ultimate Madoka for 4800 yen ($60.95)

via Mikatan 

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