Ingenuity and Originality at Rose City Comic Con 2015

Ingenuity and Originality at Rose City Comic Con 2015

written by Monique Federmeyer (@MoniqueTheFed)

The Pacific Northwest is easily known for its original and artistic population and last month's Rose City Comic Con  was a beautiful example of this, here are just a handful of my personal favorite cosplays in the field of Originality.

5. Snow Loki - Marvel/Disney

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of...Asgard? Wait Loki? From the Royally creative mind of Wendy McGuire, Snow Loki has got to be one of the unholiest combinations I can think of. One part sugar two parts spice, Snow Loki may look it but, probably does not act too nice.

4. Cenobite - Hellraiser

Cosplayer Chris Dimoff, or “Hells Messiah” as he would like to be known when in his Hellraiser inspired outfit, based his character off of the humanoid race known as the “Cenobites” from the cult horror series Hellraiser. His character is a take on the original books rather than the more recent  films. He hopes to get that glowing heart beating one of these days, though hopefully not through some nefarious means. *gulp*

3. (A Literal) Dark Knight - Batman

Now we’ve all heard of the Dark Knight, but how many of you have heard of the Dark “Knight”?

According to Kato’s Cosplay he had seen some artwork here and there but he got a very distinct image of what he wanted and, true to Batman form, made it his own.

2. Retired Gambit & Rogue - Xmen

This might be the end of getting carded for dear old Gambit, but we assure you Rogue (codename Terri) is not as out of touch as she looks...or maybe she should be for our sakes anyways. These two mutants may not have won BINGO last week, but they’ve won my heart.

1. Nux/Charlie Brown - Mad Max/Charlie Brown

Hank Pym is a cosplayer I have seen hit it out of the park on many occasions, but I have got to say...WOW! Not only is this idea wonderfully original but it is also perfectly executed down to the smallest details. (just look at his “mates” on his neck) He also found a way to keep Snoopy from begging for food.While all this may be nothing short of inspiring, I must say I AM a little concerned about Immortan Woodstock if I’m being completely candid.

Rose City Comic Con is an amazing Mixed media convention with fun to be had at every corner, I can’t wait to attend next year.

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