cos(WED): Aatrox (League of Legends) by Pentakill Cosplay

cos(WED): Aatrox (League of Legends) by Pentakill Cosplay


Check out this week's Cosplay Wednesday feature! We are featuring Canadian cosplayer, Jordan Wilhelm from Pentakill Cosplay. He is a big fan of the League of Legends community and the game, and we're here to see him cosplayed as the legendary warrior, Aatrox. That massive blade slices through foes and drinks in their blood to empower Aatrox even more. This is how Pentakill Cosplay portrayed the powerful Aatrox.


Cosplayer: Jordan Wilhelm of Pentakill Cosplay 
Cosplay: Aatrox from League of Legends
My friend in most photos is Vi from League of Legends.
Photographers: CosplayCanadaFrosh Magazine

Photography by Frosh Magazine

1. How long have you been cosplaying?
I've been cosplaying since August 2012. 

2. Why did you choose this cosplay?
I chose Aatrox because I'm currently addicted to League of Legends. I've been playing for about a year now and the character models are just so awesome I knew I had to make at least one. Aatrox is a newer champion; it was a great challenge (first time making wings and painting a bodysuit) and it hasn't been done or attempted very often. 

3. How long did it take to complete?
This took about 10 hour days for a solid month straight to complete. And I literally painted the entire sword on the morning of the first con I wore it too. 

4. What was the hardest part when constructing it?
The hardest part when constructing it was the sword. It was made up of 17 pieces total and it was a challenge to make sure a sword that large could fit in my car (we made the sword in two pieces) and it was a challenge to build each individual sword piece and figure out how to attach it to the two center pvc pipes. 

It was also difficult to find enough obituaries to paper mache onto the sword pieces, because in-game Aatrox feeds off of the souls of minions and other champions, so it was important to keep the accuracy there. (I'm only kidding there were only some obituaries on the sword, we didnt cover the entire thing in it) 


5. What do you love most about this cosplay?
What I loved most about the cosplay was running into other League of Legends cosplayers at cons and being like BAM we have two things in common we love cosplay and League of Legends, we're basically best friends already! And the whole community of League of Legends layers are super friendly and awesome (outside of the game). 

6. Are you debuting this at a convention? If you already have, which convention?
It debuted at Anime North in Toronto, Ontario back in May. 


Photography by Cosplayers Canada

Other Cosplayer: Vi from League of Legends


7. What's your next cosplay project? 
I'm upgrading my Aatrox to make it even better! And they just announced a Mecha Aatrox skin for the champion which may be bigger and better, so I might look into that!

Awesome! We'll look forward to seeing your future cosplay plans.

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