top(COS): Cosplay in Equestia pt 2 Everfree NW 2014

top(COS): Cosplay in Equestia pt 2 Everfree NW 2014

ED NOTE: this is super delayed... because I totally thought I posted this article in a dream and the dream felt so real I didn't think to double check if it was reality... damn you dream world... give me cool dreams about dragons not real life dreams like posting an article... anyway, sorry for the delay EFNW fans!
-Justin Prince

written by Bloo (@littlemissbloo)

top pick at EFNW 2013

top pick at EFNW 2013

What a strange small world it is that we live in.  For those of you that have been checking into the be(COS) section of Lifted Geek for a year now, you might remember the (top)COS article on Everfree Northwest 2013 from last July. Here’s a lovely picture of last year’s Everfree NW (top)COS pick. The funny part? That’s me. I must say I was quite surprised (and extremely flattered) to find out later that year I had been Prince’s pick of that convention.  Nothing motivates you to stay in the cosplay scene more than receiving an award you never expected. I suppose Prince decided to make me write the column this year so I couldn’t pick myself again. (That’s a joke. Please don’t fire me, Prince.) Unlike Prince, I have been in the MLP community for a solid two years now.  In fact, Everfree Northwest is where I was originally able to give my grabby little hands a firm grip in the MLP cosplay scene. So here I am reporting on all of my fabulous fellow cosplayers up front as well as behind the scenes of Everfree Northwest 2014.

Everfree NW was created with the intention of first and foremost being a family-friendly con. After all, it IS a convention based around small pastel colored equines. Here you won’t see scantily clad ladies in what really should be classified as lingerie or bloody “Cupcakes”-style outfits, but instead you’ll find small children dressed as their favorite wonderbolt, or absolutely decked out princesses in ballgowns donning impressive wingspans.  I personally like this fact about Everfree NW, as it challenges cosplayers to create something truly unique and expressive, rather than relying on shock factors or sex appeal. But enough about that! Let’s get to the super duper Cosplay!

There were so many contestants at the Cosplay Contest this year. I only made 100 registration forms, and we filled up and had to start turning folks away!

Our three judges, lovely as always.  Though unfortunately Smare, our middle judge, was unable to change into her full Celestia regalia. She had to call upon the help of Socklestia to fill in for her as judge.  Suffice to say, the crowd loved it.

The winners of our Costume Contest!
(Oh look, there’s me in the orange and pink! I was hosting the event.)

Winner(s) of Best Overall

Then we had a dance Party.  Slide to the left!

And a conga line!

Dead-Pony and Michael Jackson rockin’ the air guitar.

Spike taking a break with his juice box.

I found an old friend of mine! He’s been doing this outfit since I met him at the first Everfree Northwest back in 2012. Regal as ever.

Everyone wanted pictures off all the wonderful cosplayers! Being a small lady, it’s hard to get pictures when almost everyone is taller than you.

Pink fluff and Rainbows!

Some of the wonderful actors in the Everfree NW Troupe!


There was an excruciating amount of selfies taken at this con

These awesome full bodysuits came to Seattle from Japan!

The kids absolutely loved them.

I loved them, too. (Look, it’s me again!)

Sunday may be the IDGAF day for Cosplayers, but these guys were certainly committed!

And now for the moment you’ve alllllll forgotten is supposed to happen because you were too busy looking at all the lovely cosplayers but just now remembered because I’m bringing us back on topic! The (top)COS pick of Everfree Northwest 2014 is…

>drum rolls by mashing fingers against the keyboard asdkjfhsdkjfjasdlkjfasdlfjasdlfkj


Now before you say “Bloo, you’re really bad at this choosing the best cosplayer thing,” let me explain myself. I am of the mindset that there is more to Cosplay than throwing on an outfit and making the same weird face in every picture that’s somewhere between “Kiss me this instant, and I’m going to kill you.” To me, Cosplay is about taking a character and completely embodying them to the point that people don’t recognize you when you’re not in Cosplay (or in a different Cosplay.) The biggest compliment I have received on my cosplay is the silence of passersby who don’t notice me when I walk through the halls out of costume.

The character that Phasor Shift here is Cosplaying is named Cheese Sandwich, a party stallion from the MLP:FIM universe of Equestria.  Cheese Sandwich is voiced by the ever talented, always surprising Weird Al Yankovic. Though perhaps it wasn’t TOO hard for Weird Al to voice this character, as Cheese Sandwich is essentially a horse shaped cartoon version of himself. The first time I saw Phasor Shift in Costume, he was relaxing in the audience waiting for the Opening Ceremonies to start.  

I said a quick hello and welcome, but in my haste I did not have time for much more. The first time that I really saw him was when I announced his name to the crowd on saturday at the Costume Contest.  He immediately leaped onto the stage and broke out into some silly dance and sang part of this song for the crowd.  I’m not sure how much the audience could hear him, but being on the stage in close range allowed me to tune in on a voice with uncanny similarity to the weird pal named Al that we all know and love. In fact, Kyle Cosplayed Cheese Sandwich so well that there were many jokes between congoers and judges alike that he had some secret relation to Yankovic. Whether he does or not, he refuses to tell.  However, I did have a short interview with him after the con to which he answered the following:

When did you start cosplaying?
This was actually my first major con. I've been going to a tiny one that my school hosts for a number of years, and I've always cosplayed for that, but I hardly think that counts. My first "con," however small, was probably about five years ago, and I don't think I've ever gone while not in costume, even if it was just "Throw on a bathrobe and say you're Arthur Dent"

Why did you choose this character?
It took a bit of thought, trying to find a male MLP character that I could pull off and that I didn't think would be too common. When I thought of Cheese Sandwich, it was perfect. I've been a huge Weird Al fan for years, it's a simple enough costume that fit my body type, and having that silly personality and the voice came so easily to me. It fit me so well, and I have a history in performance so I could really fill the costume with a character.

What made you go to Everfree Northwest?
I have a long distance girlfriend in the area, and the convention just happened to coincide with her first week off in a long time. I live on the other side of the country, so making it out to Seattle is somewhat difficult. I mainly came out to see her, and the convention was really just an added bonus, which works because I really wanted to go to a pony con.

Did you expect to win "silliest" in the Costume Contest?
This was the first costume contest I've ever entered, so while I can't really say I expected to win, I do have to admit I wasn't surprised. People had been telling me all weekend that I was the best Cheese, and I knew I had the right personality and stage presence. When they were announcing winners and said there was a "silliest" category, I just thought "Well....."

What was your favorite part of Everfree Northwest?
Oh dear, where to even begin... As I've said before, I've never been to a Pony Con, or even any larger con of any type before, so I didn't know much what to expect. Everything about it was so much fun though. From the people, the panels that I attended, all the costumes and stuff, the attention that my costume got, everything about it was a positive experience. If I had to choose, I think what I liked about it most was how friendly everyone was. Everyone there is connected by that interest, that magic to it, that it just felt like a massive family. Nobody there was not your friend.

Do you have any cosplay plans for the future?
Oh, yes I do. I never really know what to do though. I can never choose what character I want to be, or how I would go about creating a costume. Any ideas that I have are either far too ambitious for my skill level and wallet, or just aren't good ideas at all. I will always cosplay though. From the few cons I've been at, I just don't think I would feel comfortable attending if I wasn't going as some sort of character. As for the next Pony con I attend, I have some ambitious plans for a genderbent Chrysalis/Cadence, and able to shift between the two... We'll see how it goes. We'll also have to wait and see what new characters are introduced in the show.

Well folks, there you have it.  The next up and coming cosplayer in the Pony scene has been declared by yours True Bloo-ly!! Throw down your rubber chickens and blow your party horns for Phasor Shift! To follow more of his cosplay, shenanigans, and general goofball theatrics, you can find him HERE (or here, or here)!


Until next time, g33ks. Stay tuned for a bunch of wacky Canadian horse people for BronyCAN! Bloo, signing out!

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