Cosplay in Equestria


written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin)

At Everfree 2013 I had the esteemed pleasure to transport myself to the mystical land of Equestria. If there is one word I can find to describe the fans of this particular fandom, it would be fervent. Many a Brony (apparently a gender neutral term with even the ladies identifying themselves as such)  came out the woodworks dressed as their favorite ponies or pegasi (pegasuses?) all for the sake of fun and friendship.

Say what you will about the fandom and the fans, but not every single one of them is like that parody College Humor animation. Much like fans of comic books and anime, Bronies are a diehard group of fans who love what they love. Can't hate... don't hate... 

ANYWAY! On to the Cosplay! So the convention was a plethora of cosplay goodness! Many a fan came out in full force, some bringing theirs kids out. Everfree felt quite a bit more family friendly than any other con I've gone too, no tight spandex busty superheroines and scantily glad cat girls (I'm looking at you Anime and Comic cons) but everything was more so cute and sweet! 

I'll admit, while I do enjoy MLP:FiM  I am not what you;d call a Brony... not because I see it as a derogatory term for this sect of fandom, but rather I'm not as knowledgeable of the in and outs of this fandom. I enjoy it, the episodes are fun to watch, but my partner Riri is more the Brony (Pegasister?) while I am more so the all around geek (mainly comics and games). But as a cosplayer myself, I do appreciate good costumes. And this is more than just craftsmanship, but also the spectacle of it. Cosplay is just as much a performance art as it is crafting. Here's a handy Gallery with some of our favorite costumes from the convention along with the footage we took of the cosplay contest.

Now of course I gotta pic my favorite of the convention, this particular cosplayer had such unique character throughout the con, her energy was infectious. She pretty much stole the show during the Closing Ceremony skit and MC'd the Cosplay Contest with such grace (while still staying in character) this Rarity cosplay deserves the award! You young lady are the tops of the con as far as Lifted Geek is concerned! 


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