inFAMOUS: First Light (REVIEW)


written by Celeste Tainari B. (@elidmorvive)

The Long awaited DLC for inFAMOUS: Second Son; First Light from home-town developers Sucker Punch is finally here, released digitally on the Playstation Network August 29th. For only $14.99. You play as the female Lead, Abigail "Fetch" Walker, in a prequel story to the original game. Here you find out all about Fetch’s life, her struggles, and what lead her to being captured by the D.U.P. 

During the entire game; you’re trying to find your brother Brent, who was kidnapped by the Akurans (a Russian crime syndicate) due to an incident Fetch gets herself into (which honestly I saw coming due to her shoot first ask questions later attitude). So, rushing about Seattle and meeting up with Brent’s boss, a creepy creep of all creeper guys named Shane. Who I have to say is the absolute WORST. Anyways, so you follow missions given to you by Shane in order to locate your brother Brent. Throughout the game, Fetch seems to continuously get herself into more and more trouble, which I get it, it’s the point of the plot, however, aren’t we’re supposed to like Fetch? Not feel like she’s an absolute moron? To each their own, I’m a huge fan of Fetch, I even cosplayed as her and I felt this was the best DLC for me to get to know my favorite character a bit more. Not have me face palm throughout a majority of the game. It’s a good story though, so that’s a plus.

Let’s talk about the powers. Just like Delsin Rowe in Second Son, you have the power of Neon (which Delsin "absorbs" from Fetch). If you played through the whole game and are a level up Nazi like I am, you’ve experienced pretty much everything you can when it comes to the Neon power. So when playing Fetch, nothing really feels new. HOWEVER, you do see some subtle differences. Fetch is 10% faster than Delsin, she has some tricks of her own that Delsin doesn’t (so not everything is the same also I don’t want to give too many spoilers to those who HAVEN’T played the DLC) and not only that, but the melee finishers came back which you get to use as Cole from the second inFAMOUS game. A cool add on is the battle arena sections, pretty much a part of the game where you just fight projections of D.U.P. troops (you'll know who's making them if you played the core game), you can even use Delsin to try and get a high ranked score in the battle arenas.

The entire gameplay of First Light is about 4 hours long so it seems pretty worth the $14.99 you spend in order to find out more about Fetch, unless you happen not to like Fetch… and then I’d suggest you should get the DLC anyways for more inFAMOUS gameplay. All in all, the DLC I feel was worth it, I like Fetch, I like going through character development and finding out more history of characters, plus the entire ride throughout the 4 hours was fun and entertaining. Was it the BEST Sucker Punch has done? No, but was it still a good DLC add on? Yes.

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+ Character development
+ Melee finishers return
+ Fetch is faster than Delsin


- Lacking in "power" (seeing as Delsin had more than one ability to use)