Riri's SDCC 2013 Haul!

Riri's SDCC 2013 Haul!

Every year, SDCC always releases amazinnnggg exclusives that are commonly sought after!  Together with Comic Con's list of exclusives (here) and my own personal favorite source to check out convention exclusives (AwesomeToyBlog), we were able to get all the exclusives we wanted, as well as pick some up for our close friends and family.

Check out what I got!!!

Starting with ....  


Every year, there is an exclusive pony at Hasbro. This year was .... DJ Pon-3! This pony is actually very beautiful, quite honestly.  Swarovski crystals embellishes her glasses and her hooves and mane/tail are glittery. The bottom of the box actually allows you to give DJ Pon-3 a fancy light show! So really, it makes you NOT want to take DJ Pon-3 out ... ever.

Star Wars Boba Fett Black Series & Han Solo Carbonite was purchased for PRINCE and his sister (and our videographer), Lauren.  This was a limit of 1 per person, so my boyfriend and I were able to each purchase one to make our friends happy :)  PRINCE actually wrote a full review of this, check it out HERE

The next one from Hasbro was also for our friends: Marvel Universe Deadpool Corps Taco Set  .  I mean what the heck is a taco set anyway? Haha it came looking like those traveling taco cars. 

Next up, Transformers & G.I. Joe Exclusive Skystriker Jetfire with V.A.M.P. Hound.

Want some of these exclusives??? Hasbro releases their SDCC in limited quantities on their website, Hasbrotoyshop.com; Hasbro does this all the time after SDCC but they go quick!!


I love Tokidoki, one of my favorite apparel to own.  This year, I wasn't totally excited with the exclusives but I did pick up two! Comic-Corno   and a Street Fighter X Tokidoki hoodie  (for my brother)!


There were a few exclusives, but the one we wanted was the Street Fighter x KidRobot Mecha Zangief 3" Vinyl Figure! We got two, so we were able to open one for show :)

We got the SDCC exclusive from Factory Entertainment - Pam's Blue Dolphin hand puppet from Archer!



I picked up 2 sets of the Dragon Ball Z Exclusive 3 Piece Scouter set!  Which makes 6 scouters >.< I love them all...



A freelance artist, he created an SDCC exclusive X Force x Deadpool print (Gray variant) limited to 50 prints!  What happened was that we approached his booth and he had the last original artist print on a metal plate that he was selling, so we snagged that AND he gave us a print for free! So we picked the limited gray variant (vs the unlimited red variant) and now we got something super cool :)


Now a number of things here to explain...We actually did not get to buy any of the exclusives toys because they were all sold out (the ones I wanted) but they did have the exclusive Domo t shirts that I picked up for my brother. I love them and I wish I thought fast enough to pick one up for myself and just ... I don't know, put a belt on it (it's gigantooo) and make it into a dress. Or something.

BUT, I did hear staff say something to an attendee, "We will be having these sold online in limited quantities soon... once they're gone, they're gone."  Well, that was Friday. Apparently they released a number of their exclusives on Amazon on Saturday, and then I went online on Sunday and snagged the ones I wanted! Whoo hoo! SDCC exclusive Glittery Derpy Hooves & Rainbow Dash, and metallic Evil Minion from Despicable Me 2!

Also, two of the Funko toys were exclusives from other booths: Glow in the Dark White Phoenix and Glow in the Dark White Dead Pool.

One last thing. We attended Funko Fundays and pretty much all the free Funko toys (Freddie Funko) were exclusive SDCC limited editions.  So, we got a bunch of those to show...

Check them out!


Plenty of exclusives here, but the only thing we picked up was the SDCC Exclusive Hypnotoad from Futurama :)


Another pony! Toys R' Us SDCC Exclusive Rainbow Dash as a Shadow Bolt - but sold at Entertainment Earth.


SDCC Exclusive Black Metallic Batman Play Arts KAI, picked up for my brother!


This isn't actually an SDCC exclusive, but STILL an SDCC haul item!! Game of Thrones graphic novel #2 - Mike Miller (and Mike Ross) are cover artists but Mike Miller was selling the second graphic novel at his booth - we bought it, and got it signed by him :) 


My boyfriend picked up a pretty awesome Carnage print from this artist. One thing about getting prints is how it is printed. I'm very particular about what kind of paper or board it is used on, etc.  This one was apparently printed using laser technology and while I don't have any idea how that technique compares to other techniques, this was a gorgeous print that had a bit of metallic sheen to it.  

ED NOTE: 7/28/13 Venom.  Not Carnage. 

Print by Ellison Keomaka

And that's all we got!!  

Didn't spend nearly as much money as I did last year, and I didn't get to pick up as many prints this year either, unfortunately.   But there were still many amazing items we missed, including free swag we actually did not grab either due to crazy lines!  However I'm pretty happy with what I brought home!!

Reviews: The Flashpoint Paradox

Reviews: The Flashpoint Paradox

Boba Fett and "carbonite" Han Solo

Boba Fett and "carbonite" Han Solo