Boba Fett and "carbonite" Han Solo


written by Justin Prince (@prince_justin

SO! I wasn't able to make it to SDCC, I was sad about it... I still am pretty bummed. I put myself on an SDCC blinder the past couple days (well, for the most part). I did peruse the exclusive toys before Riri left. One of the toys I absolutely had to have was the Star Wars "Black Series" Boba Fett and Han Solo trapped in carbonite. The Black Series of figures are being released soon but for the SDCC crowd, this beautiful exclusive was on sale at the Hasbro booth.


Upon first opening, you'll notice how Hasbro paid very close attention to the source. The figure is beautiful and Boba's arsenal is largely intact including poor Han trapped in a big ass brick of carbonite. I was impressed looking at lo-res photos online, but that couldn't prepare me for the sheer awe I'd feel when looking at it up close. His cape is cloth and details such as the dent in his helmet and the Mandalorian logo on his spaulders.

even the BOX is cool!!

even the BOX is cool!!

This figure is a glorious addition to my toy collection and one I have to thank my best friend for picking up for me, she knew how bummed I was that I wouldn't make it to SDCC, it wasn't even something I had to convince her to do... she did this because... friendship is magic.  Anyway! Keep an eye on the toy box because I plan to eventually pick up the rest of the "Black Series" when they release in my local toy shop.