Cosplay Wednesday: Tali as Shana from Legend of Dragoon

Welcome to another Cosplay Wednesday segment, introducing Tali cosplaying as Shana from Legend of Dragoon!

Cosplay Name: Tali
Cosplay: Shana - Legend of Dragoon
Photographer: Addy Davies

  1. Tell us about your cosplay: I originally bought this cosplay from Momocosplay, super sweet girl from America. I took a train from Canada to go pick up this cosplay that she was selling to me. I was kinda iffy about it because it was sitting in her closet for years and I didn't see the condition or anything so I took a chance and went anyway. I picked it up and I mean it was in OK condition but wasn't wearable. A lot of pieces from the skirt were missing, a lot of damaged marks, paint was worn off, parts of the cosplay was sticking out from certain spots... It was a MESS. I didn't have a choice since I was there so I picked it up anyway and I got home so late and was so tired that I just crashed.
  2. How long did it take to complete? The next few months after that I was working on it almost every day.
  3. What was the hardest part when constructing it? I spent so much money that it wasn't almost worth it. I never gave up though so I painted the whole thing with a few coats. Cut a lot of sections and made it my size. Had some help with making worbla from a friend to attach on some parts.  Cut many, many pieces and glued strips onto the skirt.  Hot glued a lot of areas for the design. I can go on and on about this. I worked hard at bringing this back to life and I am glad I had a lot of support from friends and loved ones.. because I was so close to just quitting. I wore this to Anime Revolution 2013 and won best fan/audience award. I mentioned Momocosplay right at the start and I wanted to give her credit for what she made and everyone was pleased but I was happy that a lot of people gave me credit as well for fixing it up.. and working on it for so long and how well it looked on me.
  4. What do you love most about this cosplay? What I loved most about this cosplay is that I felt like the character. I love Shana.. I loved the game. I am a HUGE RPG fan and wearing this reminded me of my childhood as well.. and my brothers. Without them I wouldn't be into video games. I appreciate them so much and I'm happy that everything worked. I was happy that I had random people coming up to me saying THANK YOU... for reminding them of their past and how great old school games are. 
  5. What's your next cosplay project? My next project is a female Sub Zero. I also want to work on making Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI.. as I am obsessed with the whole Final Fantasy series.

Excellent work, Tali. 

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