Overwatch News: "Rise & Shine" New Cinematic Feat. Mei


One of Overwatch's most popular heroes, and also one of my personal favorites to play, gets her own cinematic short. The forever young Chinese researcher with a serious Elsa complex tells her story.

Set in Eco Point: Antarctica, we learn that Mei was on ice for 9 years... during that time Overwatch fell and the world was plunged into the state it is today in-game.

It's a fun and beautifully animated short, not just featuring the ridiculously adorable Mei but also her robot pal Snowball. Give it a watch and sound off I can the comments.

What would you like to see next in a cinematic? Personally I'd love to see D.Va get some love. Perhaps outline her life as a pro gamer before getting recruited... or rather a short played out like a livestream of a battle.

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