Overwatch News: D.Va Rework and Welcome to Junkertown!


Hello Overpals across the interweb. Today is a day of announcements from our favorite hero shooter. An interesting new rework for D.Va and the introduction of a new payload map.

First! Let's look at D.Va! Via the Overwatch forums, Principle Designer Geoff Goodman announced some interesting changes to D.Va's kit.

The TL;DR of it all is basically this:

  • you can now shoot while flying
  • defense matrix energy drain doubled
  • new ability that launches a salvo of mini missiles

You heard that right... mini missiles. I've always felt that D.Va's kit was lacking. Her only source of attacking was her primary fire and since they moved the defense matrix to an alt-fire rather than an ability button, that opens up the slot for something new... and we now learn that it's the new ability. While they did nerf her defense matrix... I wouldn't say this is a nerf on D.Va as a character. I'm looking forward to using her now against foes like Pharah.

So new map and new animated short! I'll let the following videos speak for themselves, but I would like to note that this is the first new escort map we've gotten since launch. Currently each core game mode has four maps with escort being the sole mode to only have three (Route 66, Dorado, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar). I like symmetry... so having four in each mode feels nice to me.

Also... as an aside... I kinda want the Junkertown Queen to be a future hero...

Overall, these are some fun changes to look forward to!

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