Overwatch News: Mercy Getting A Rework


If the Junkertown reveal and D.Va rework wasn't enough, Overwatch has another big rework coming... this time for everyone's favorite healer Mercy.

Via a developer update, Jeff Kaplan outlines the rework to Mercy's kit... the biggest bit was dropping resurrect as her ulti and instead shifting it to her secondary ability. Currently Mercy doesn't have a second ability. Instead of resurrecting all within a radius around her, instead her resurrect will be a single target ability with a long cool-down.

For Mercy's new ulti, Valkyrie is the name and this lets Mercy fly up into the air... greatly improving her healing and damage buff ability. During Valkyrie mode her healing and damage streams will chain to those nearby her target while also her resurrect wil lbe on a considerably shorter cool-down.

This is a huge change and honestly completely revamps how Mercy will be played. Until these changes hit the PTR we won't know the details... but for now it looks like quite the big change.

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